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From the Organizers

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Photo of KF team looking at map
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Caitlin photographing coins
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Adil and Kelsey
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Video discussions
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Intern meeting
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Rovshan and Cheryl discussing Nizami
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American Councils meeting
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kids developing kit
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Anna and Diana

“There is no substitute for the genuine article.”
 –Expression used by curators in the museum world

Azerbaijani Artifacts uses images of cultural artifacts, and artifacts in use, to spark interest in Azerbaijani culture, arts, and heritage. The purpose of the exhibition is to build an English-language foundation for understanding Azerbaijani culture beginning with the evidence—via showing instead of telling about Azerbaijani heritage.

Maps, glossaries, videos, and other materials provided in From the Organizers and Resources and at www.KarabakhFoundation.org add to the exhibition experience.

Behind the Scenes . . .

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Who are organizers

Why Azerbaijani Artifacts?

How exh. edu. tool?

where can non-Azerbaijanis learn about Azerbaijan

what can be gained from traveling to Azerbaijan

what kinds of artifacts does KF have

how to volunteer for KF