Azerbaijani Architecture Today | White City Project

In 2010, city officials approved a master plan for Baku’s downtown development, entitled Baku White City.  Plans include 11 Postmodern skyscrapers, a business district, a waterfront, a mall, parks, and a commercial center, with a Parisian-inspired residential villa at the center of the development. The White City project is a modern reimaging of Baku’s Black City,  an industrial district of oil fields and refineries that arose in downtown Baku during the city’s first oil boom.
An architectural rendering of the White City waterfront.
An Architectural Rendering of the White City Waterfront.

AZERBAIJANI Architecture

Old City BakuModern Azerbaijan is both a dynamic, progressive nation and an ancient civilization with vibrant traditions and culture. Nowhere is this combination of old and new more evident than in Azerbaijan’s built environment. For example, the architecture of Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, beautifully showcases this legacy. While Baku’s office buildings, apartment complexes, and glass skyscrapers mirror modern European design, ”Old City” Baku, known as  Icheri sheher,  features medieval Islamic domes, minarets, and ancient stone walls.

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