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The Culinary Tradition“I’ve never seen so many gardens and so many rivers like here…They grow the best peas, nice pomegranates, which have no equal in the whole world, and amazing figs…I’ve never seen such tasty apricots… Here fine grapes, grain, and cotton grow ripe. Many fruits, especially nuts and chestnuts are the best in the world.”
— Yaqut al-Hamawi, Arabian traveler, 12th century

Azerbaijan’s favorable soil-climatic conditions and crossroads location have led to a diverse cuisine with many distinctive dishes. The country is believed to have been among the first where animal husbandry was first developed, and cultural preferences for meat prevail. Kebabs marinated and otherwise prepared in a uniquely Azerbaijani style prevail. At the same time, archaeology reveals a longstanding tradition of growing grains, and rice pilaf is to this day essential to Azerbaijani cuisine. Each region boasts signature dishes, and culinary customs are a significant point of national pride. The range of readily available fruits and vegetables adds to the visual splendor of the Azerbaijani table, whether in the village or the capital city of Baku. Traditional Azerbaijani dishes are mostly prepared by the matriarch of the family, often with help from the younger generations.