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Cultivating Produce

Working Nature’s Bounty

Azerbaijani cuisine“When you’re young, carry stones. When you’re old, eat pilaf”
—Azerbaijani proverb suggesting to do one’s work while one can and reap the rewards later in life

Azerbaijan has 9 climatic zones out of 13 in the world, and a rich local topography. The landscape supports a wide range of produce, and Azerbaijan has developed a long tradition of farming fruits and vegetables. Azerbaijani farmers raise sheep, cows, and chicken. Mutton, beef, and lamb, seasoned with local spices and herbs, are common in Azerbaijani cuisine.

The pomegranate is one of the leading exports of Azerbaijan. The health benefits of eating pomegranates and the annual Pomegranate Festival in Azerbaijan are discussed.

Azerbaijani Radio Hour: The Voice of the Karabakh Foundation, November 28, 2010. Access any of the shows of the Azerbaijani Radio Hour: The Voice of the Karabakh Foundation at

A Rainbow of Vegetables

Azerbaijani SaladsSalads are found throughout Azerbaijan and are commonly eaten before soup and marinated veal dishes. Ingredients such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and greens are plentiful in Azerbaijan’s fertile natural landscape. In the field, herders and shepherds easily assemble readily available vegetables into simple meals. Throughout the country, vegetables frequently are lightly broiled to bring out their flavor.