Each middle-class Azerbaijani family has at least one traditional carpet, although affordability of carpets differs dramatically based on multiple criteria: age, size, school or region of weaving, style of weaving, intricate patterns and “personal history.”  National literature contains many references to carpet weaving, and carpets continue to have myriad everyday uses. Azerbaijanis sit on them, eat on them, pray on them, and drape them over their furniture and walls for warmth and decoration.

Azerbaijan men play chess in front of a carpet store. The beautiful rugs serve not only as wall decorations but also as seat and table coverings.

Azerbaijani Carpets around the World

Courtesy Vugar Dadashov, Azerbaijan Rugs, azerbaijanrugs.comAzerbaijani carpets appear in showrooms and museums around the world, sometimes classified as “Caucasian,” “Oriental,” or “Persian.” Wherever there are carpet collectors, there are Azerbaijani carpets.

With its characteristic bold geometric design, this Azerbaijan carpet is a living-room statement piece.