Map of Azerbaijan in 16th century C.E. depicting  the four Azerbaijani beglerbegliks that along with other lands were part of the Azerbaijani Turkic Safavid Empire. The empire’s outer borders, which follow the left hand and bottom margins, are in red. The inner borders between each beglerbeglik and other kingdoms belonging to the Safavid Empire are toward the center of the map in green color. To the northeast is the Shirvan beglerbeglik, in the center is the Ganja (Karabakh) beglerbeg, in the west is the Chukhursaad beglerbeg, and in the south is the Tabriz beglerbeg (also known as Azerbaijan beglerbeglik, also spelled as “Tebriz beylerbeylik”).Courtesy Historical Maps of Azerbaijan, Atlas, Baku, 1994.