Map of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, 1918-1920

Map showing the borders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) in 1918-1920 in thick solid red. The dotted red borders show regions where Azerbaijanis were the majority of the population in 1918-1920, and therefore those regions were of special interest to ADR. The total area of the ADR was 114,000 sq. km (44,016 sq. mi.). Due to Sovietization of Azerbaijan, the ADR was reduced to 86,600 sq. km. (33,436 sq. mi.), primarily due to land awards to Soviet Armenia in Iravan (Yerevan), Qazakh (Gazakh), Nakhichevan (Nakhchivan), and Zangezur.

Treaty of Kars

The Treaty of Kars was signed in October 1921 by representatives from Soviet Azerbaijan, Soviet Armenia, Soviet Georgia, and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The treaty redefined the borders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey in the aftermath of World War I.